Psychic angel card readings for insight, clarity and healing

These intuitive angel card readings can be an incredibly helpful way to gain insight into your current situation, see more clearly any issues that might be arising for you and their possible solutions, and gain a sense of greater peace as you start to sense the bigger picture.

For the last decade I’ve worked with an 8 card spread of my own devising using a combination of beautiful angel and goddess card packs.


Clients report feeling a great sense of reassurance as well as receiving helpful insights into their current life situation.


These sessions hold a deep healing potency, illuminated by the Holy Fire Reiki frequency throughout.


Readings are done one to one, and work beautifully in combination with Reiki treatments. Any issues that emerge during the reading can then be worked on in a focused way with Reiki. This way clients can reconnect with their own higher wisdom and intuition.


At this time of Corona virus, sessions are offered online/over the phone. Photos of your reading are sent to you after the session for reference.

30 mins angel card reading

60 mins Reiki treatment

60 mins Reiki /angel cards

90 mins Reiki /angel cards





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