"Zoë’s work is truly extraordinary. Not only is the Holy Fire Reiki energy that she works with incredibly powerful, but she works with it in such a beautiful way; she is a true healer, at a soul-level. This healing energy moves through her; she’s such a special vessel for bringing this energy into the world, and brings such a breadth of healing experience to her sessions.


Emily - opera singer/director.  Sydney, Australia.

"Zoë is an extremely experienced healer and teacher of healing. Our planet is truly blessed to have this beautiful old Soul here during these challenging times. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.       

Rowan - NHS nurse and homeopath. Cambridgeshire, UK.

"Zoë helped me get back in touch with my spiritual side which had got submerged by day-to-day struggles. Now I feel able to cope with whatever is going to happen, which is so vital in these crazy, fearful times!”  


Sally - pilates teacher. Hastings, UK

"Zoë is among the teachers of Reiki who truly embody the title ‘Master’. She has never missed an opportunity to learn and upgrade her own practices, thus always teaching and transmitting the most up to the moment incarnation of this ever evolving modality. I would like to testify to Zoë’s incredible intuitive healing and counselling abilities. As I now live in the USA, I would like to particularly acknowledge the power and potency of her distance healings: they are miraculous, and I have found equal in efficacy to her in-person sessions.”


Claire - artist, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master. Ashland, Oregon, USA.

“Both the card reading and the distance reiki session were filled with so much love and positivity. Zoë knows exactly how to channel the enormous energy and keep it light at the same time. I loved that she sent me pictures of the cards I had chosen, for me to remember. The distance reiki was incredible - there was so much happening and shifting even hours after the session and through the night as well. This energy is there for everyone and I can only recommend Zoë to be the one channelling it for you.”


Iris - opera singer. Munich, Germany.



Zoë has an incredible gift as a luminous and inspiring teacher.  I attended her Reiki Fire, levels 1 & 2, training recently and found it to be deeply transformative on many levels.  This is a powerful healing modality and I feel extremely fortunate to be have been introduced to it and now be able to use the processes that I learned to enhance my own therapeutic work. As well as being a powerful channel, Zoe brings her warmth and vibrant personality to all she does and her students are captivated and enriched as a result. I am looking forward to learning the next levels!


Caroline - Life Alignment therapist/teacher. NLP coach. Wiltshire/London, UK.


f you get the chance to have a session with her, I would recommend you jump at the opportunity - I can guarantee you have never known a healing experience like the one she offers. Zoe is a truly intuitive and gifted healer, working with the most beautiful and powerful healing energy I’ve ever witnessed. If you’ve experienced Reiki before, you’ll feel that this Holy Fire modality offers even more powerful healing potential. If you’ve never experienced Reiki, Zoe is the place to start - I couldn’t recommend any practitioner more highly.”


Emily - opera singer/director.  Sydney, Australia.

"I am a long-time student of Zoë's, starting my Reiki journey with her with Usui Reiki I, then taking Karuna, Holy Fire and Holy Fire Karuna with her. Zoë is a magician of reiki; her trainings feel safe, secure and filled with Divine Love. More, they are transformation life events, the ramifications of which I have felt resonating on for literally years afterwards. The Holy Fire energy is unlike any other: at once gentle but simultaneously unutterably strong. It's exactly what the World needs right now and Zoe is the exactly right person to bring it to us. She is unhesitatingly recommended."


Colin - Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, professional tarot reader and medium. London, UK.


"One of the most magical, mystical, healing and relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. Zoë is an energy alchemist!"                                                                                                                     Veronika - composer. Los Angeles, California, USA.

"My first ever reiki experience was with Zoë and it was phenomenal.  As is Zoë herself.  There's a 'Holy Fire' inside of her that she is sharing and what a gift to be in her presence as she does so.  I had two reiki/angel card sessions with her and came out the other side feeling profoundly changed and moved.  I can't wait to work with Zoë again."

Connor - actor. Los Angeles. California, USA.

I met Zoë for my first Reiki treatment in 2005 and was so amazed by the treatment that I signed up for Reiki training with her two days later! Since then, I have received training at all levels with Zoë and the upgrade to Holy Fire Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki 4 years ago. Zoe is a very generous, supportive and knowledgeable teacher and a super-powerful healer. She is also an amazing person who  I am so lucky to have met.


Diana - Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. Ramsgate, UK.

"Zoë Martlew is a powerful and wise Reiki practitioner and teacher. In addition to enabling the mind, body and spirit to heal, she generously combines her considerable Reiki skills with her highly developed intuitive and psychic gifts; offering insights into all aspects of life.

I’ll never forget the energy healing sessions I had with her, back in 2015, during a particularly strenuous time in my life. In addition to bodily healing, she revealed aspects of my spiritual journey and details and about my guides and ancestry: information that still gives me clarity, courage and comfort to this day.

I’ve since taken Reiki courses I and II with Zoë, and the practice has become an intrinsic part of my life, I simply use it all the time. I also enjoy healing others too, it’s a highly accessible and effective tool for bringing about healing and clarity at all levels."

Tansy - composer. Kent, UK.


"Zoë has a wonderful ability to be fully present for you. She has a nurturing, compassionate style that makes you relax completely. She clearly knows her stuff on umpteen kinds of reiki so you feel in the hands of an expert. Most importantly, she is a very powerful healer who can achieve deep shifts in long-standing and deep-rooted challenges. I can't recommend her enough!" 

Joy - business psychologist. Maidenhead, UK.


"I was blessed by distant treatment from Zoe when my husband was very ill and stuck in America-obviously she treated him as well, but I was a total wreck at the time and for some reason trying to work. Every time the process started I knew so by the most wonderful warm feeling in the very middle of my back and a real sense of calm followed later by a wondrous sleep, and I am so grateful. My husband also made a very quick and complete recovery.
I would say that even now, remembering the times when this treatment was happening makes me feel calm and settled, like many ripples in a totally still lake that keep going away and coming back."

                                                                                                        Nicholas - musician. London, UK.

"The Magical beings brought Zoë and I together at a party and I found out that she was staying only a block away from me. This was my first Reiki/Angel card experience and my experience was so profound I booked as many sessions as I could when I found out she was not going to be in town for that long. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to this it is well worth it."
                                                                                       Brian - actor. Los Angeles, California, USA.


"I've had sessions with reiki and advice through card reading with Zoë on and off during several years, and they have been essential in my wellbeing and choice of direction in my life. The combination of deep knowledge, respect, empathy and humour makes a session with Zoë a total delight, even when moving into dark and problematic areas. I always leave the sessions relaxed, calm, yet invigorated and open towards the world.  

After moving to another country I stay in regular touch, and I have used her as adviser in important decisions in my life. Her analyses of key persons and situations, based on a couple of photos and a short description have all been uncannily accurate and immensely helpful."

Rolf - composer. Oslo, Norway.

"Before I met Zoë I knew nothing of Reiki Healing. My experience of her healing has been quite extraordinary.  Zoë is clearly in touch with something higher and is able to channel an energy into one’s soul.  She is gifted.  Her Reiki has been of enormous help to me, both the sessions at her home in St. Leonards and more recently her distant session during the current Coronavirus lockdown.  It has been a humbling experience and for that I shall always be eternally grateful."


Petula - retired Head Teacher. Hemel Hempstead, UK.


"I’ve had the chance to have Reiki Session with Zoë Martlew in London. I did not know anything about Reiki, and therefore had no expectations of what would happen. My memory of it is that during the session, connections in my soul which had been blocked opened again. Thanks to Zoë’s healing, I was in contact with the innermost essence of myself, who I am. Unexpected images occurred, and I could let go thoughts that were blocking my life. Something I could not do with my intellect and my will.

More recently, Zoë sent me healing here in Paris. When I received it, it felt like a sweet velvet around me. Could not resist to start smiling and this smile is still with me. I feel re-connected to positive thoughts, and again I was able to let go of dark thoughts. Her healing helped to connect me to my soul purpose, and created an incredibly peaceful feeling, connecting me to belief in myself.

This could only happen thanks to Zoë’s power, her immense care for the other, her endless generosity."

Genevieve - musician. Paris, France.

"Zoë's card reading was illuminating, inspiring and incredibly accurate. She said I would enter a period of prolonged inner space and silence and here we are with the virus enforcing much inner work. She also said I would be showered with Ankhs and ten days later we left for Egypt and was duly showered for 14 days almost without pause.
I would highly recommend her to anyone and now is the perfect time to get an online reading."
                                                                                          Michael - retired publisher. Wiltshire, UK.

"The way Zoë reads the cards is so gripping and engaging! And the Reiki was held so beautifully and spaciously. The experience was very life affirming. It helped me see myself on a deeper level so I left feeling inspired and with new perspectives on life."
                                                                                              Lucy - pilates teacher. Hastings, UK.

"Zoë introduced me to Reiki - it was life-enhancing.  She will be embarrassed to read this but I want to tell her she has a special gift for healing. It’s innate, born from a rare generosity of spirit.  I was initially wary, perhaps even a 'spiritual sceptic', but I am always open to experiences I perceive might be outside my comfort zone. Her respectful gentleness immediately put me at my ease, I felt safe, trusted and trusting.  I was rewarded with a sort of lightness of being, a deeper human empathy, and indescribable understandings of the world and my place in it, that continues to nourish and sustain me, underpinned by the Angel Card readings - I now have a set of my own! - given by Zoë with her natural honesty, fascination and zest for life."
                                                                                    Jackie - Creative Producer. Birmingham, UK.


"Last spring I went through a very difficult time, both personally and professionally and was very depressed. Zoë sent me some healings and I remember so well the sense of relief that filled me each time - almost like a physical sensation. It helped me so much to get through that difficult period."


Cato - sound designer/engineer. Oslo, Norway.

"So beautiful and so so helpful! I feel so lucky to have found you, Zoë, and to have received your amazingly powerful and sensitive healing! 
The angel readings have been so helpful - giving me exactly the right guidance I needed. The second reading was done remotely and, to my surprise, was just as helpful and pertinent as my first one which was part of an extraordinary 1-2-1 Reiki healing session. Thank you so much! You have such a wonderful gift! Xxxxx"

                                                                                                    Sally, pilates teacher. Hastings, UK.


"Last year I did my Holy Fire III Karuna Master Reiki training with Zoë in Ashland, Oregon, and found it an amazing energy to experience. I’ve used it numerous times to help my clients heal from past trauma. The Holy Fire energy goes straight to the source without the client having to re-experience the trauma. It cleanses and clears the auric field helping to release any energetic attachments. Combining it with the Karuna Reiki energy, it brings a sense of peace and calm.  
I have just received information from my guides that we can use the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki to heal the future of the corona virus helping to dissipate it sooner and encourage healing of those that are afflicted. I’m amazed at how the Holy Fire can be used to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

It is such a blessing to have this healing modality as we shift into a new era for humankind." 

Rowan Foxx - Shaman, Psychic. Oregon, USA.


"When I came to Zoë for Reiki Session last year anxiety had taken hold of my life after an unexpected redundancy. The session slowed down my heartbeat and deepened my breathing, so that I felt released  from a tightness and claustrophobia that had overtaken my life. I experienced a deep catharsis and inner peace. It was the only therapy that was able to take me back to a place where I could let go of anxiety  and move forward, my breathing now calm and relaxed."
                                                                                                Tony - Actor and Director. London UK.

"Holy Fire with Zoe is something else, hard to explain until you are there with her, experiencing her energy and her gift for healing.
This is Reiki with a twist, like wind on a bonfire."

                                                                                     Harriet - fertility reflexologist. Wiltshire, UK.


Zoe is a highly knowledgable, dedicated and loyal teacher and healer.  I feel blessed to have been guided to her for my training through to Holy Fire Karuna® Masters level and to have been able to receive her online healing and support.  Her colourful personality and connection to the Holy Fire has helped me in ways I could not have imagined. I highly recommend Zoe!

Lucy - equine behaviourist, animal healer, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master. Sussex, UK.


"I have more than 20 years experience of working with Reiki, including over 15 years as a Reiki Master Teacher. I’ve completed Reiki Master Teacher training with several Reiki Master Teachers, including 3 courses at this level with William Rand. I give Reiki to clients in a variety of alternative healthcare settings, as well as in the NHS. I undertook my Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Masters Teacher training with Zoë. She ensured that I was fully supported before (in all aspects of course being set up), during and afterwards. Her interest and abilities extended beyond what I expected of her. 

Both the course and Zoë’s input helped me to get through a very traumatic time in my life and I am now happily fully recovered. As a result of doing this course with Zoë, my healing capabilities have been enhanced beyond measure, enabling me to support many more people with the incredible effects of Holy Fire Karuna Reiki."  

Rowan - NHS nurse, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master, homeopath. Cambridgeshire, UK.

I remember the first time Zoë gave me a Reiki session, and have to say that beforehand I was a bit sceptical, never having heard of Reiki before. However, she clearly explained what would happen and put me at ease. After the healing, it initially left me feeling quite emotional, but once the negative energy had flowed away, left me feeling much less stressed and more peaceful, so I could also sleep better. It was exactly the same with my recent remote healing session. I would recommend her to anyone interested in trying Reiki - they'll love the results.”


Clare - Project, PMO and Risk Manager. Milton Keynes, UK.

My session with Zoë was a completely nourishing moment in my life; one where I felt the deep commitment that she made to me & my healing. In that space that Zoë made, I had the chance to take myself out of my problems, giving me the feeling of timelessness I needed in order to mend.”


Amber - composer. Brighton, UK.

I have been receiving reiki treatments from Zoe for 14 years and have been lucky to be attuned to Reiki by her. She is unashamedly metaphysical but at the same time incredibly grounded so her Reiki treatments are guided, strong and secure. She is a musician, an artist, which I believe has always given her treatments a special sensibility, allowing her to effortlessly tune in and indeed she uses sound in her treatments. As we are now not able to be physically close I have had treatments remotely from her, which have been blissful and very much needed. Not only did she treat me but also my teenage daughter who was suffering greatly in this shift into lockdown. As a family we will continue to have remote treatments to help us through this incredible time. I whole-heartedly recommend Zoe and this powerful tool for healing and transformation.


Marie-Louise- artist, Reiki Master. St Leonards-on-sea, U.K.


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